Instrumental Music Membership
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Donate to the Keynoters, the instrumental music boosters group.  During this remote learning season there are specific expenses we need to cover to continue the excellence of this program.   All expenses for the instrumental music program, except for our director's salary, are paid for by Keynoters. If you have any questions about Keynoters see

Since we have moved all instrumental music classes to online, we have drastically reduced our suggested donation amount. However, we still need funding to allow the director to offer an engaging remote curriculum to your students. This is what your donation is going towards:
  • Sheet Music, Equipment and Supplies
  • Coaches and Clinicians to help Mr. Cloyd teach in small groups
  • General & Administration for our Keynoters Foundation
Suggested Donation for Each Class:
  • Jazz A:                          $100
  • Jazz B:                          $100
  • Wind Ensemble:           $100
  • Symphonic:                  $100
  • Orchestra:                    $100
We know this is a tough time for many, so please know we are grateful for whatever you can donate. We appreciate your support of MVHS, Keynoters and our students during our remote learning season.

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