ID Card
All students get an ID Card for Monte Vista High School.   We arranged a special ID card picture just for new students on Thursday, 8/13.   At this point, pictures for ID Cards and yearbook will be taken at a later date for all other students.   

ID Cards are provided for all students at Monte Vista High School however donations to your ASB Leadership team are appreciated during remote learning. 

Parents who want an ID card for students should wait until a photo/ID card day is arranged later in the year.  Please either skip this item or select not now. 

Parents who wish to donate to Leadership may do so here.   Your ASB Leadership team appreciates donations support of campus, students, Class events and more.  Thanks for your support. 

Senior Gold Card will be an additional sticker to be sold at a later date when we are able to anticipate the senior activities. 

Activity Seal will be an additional sticker when we are able to arrange discounts and offer events.