Dance Classroom
During Remote Learning, Teacher Ryane Siegel is planning to use a new camera system to film and share dance routines and classes.  As an example, this is a new purchase to support the remote learning curriculum.  

Your student will be participating in a dance class at Monte Vista.  Congratulations- you are now part of an elite dance performance group.  Whether your student is in Dance 1 or Dance 5 the classroom needs your donations to keep the sound equipment and flooring at the highest practice standards.  The $35 donation request is for one dance class.  For multiple classes please select the other amounts.  

Su donación es deducible de impuestos en toda la extensión prevista por la ley. No se proporcionaron bienes o servicios a cambio de su contribución. MVHS es una organización sin fines de lucro 501 (c) (3) Identificación fiscal: 68-0273221