Mustang VIP Membership
Athletic Boosters Mustang VIP Membership: The VIP level is a $250 donation, with 2 Mustang VIP Cards and $50 directed to your team of choice. You must include your student's sports team in the "Leave note for Seller" text box below the student's name for this team directed donation.  Enter only one sports team for VIP memberships.

Note: All of your MVAB Membership purchase except $50 (VIP) is considered a donation to support athletics at Monte Vista through the Athletic Boosters (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization -- Tax ID # 23-7087606), and may be eligible as a tax deduction. Consult with your tax advisor. 

Pick up your Mustang VIP cards from Athletic Boosters on Stampede Day or from the bookkeepers office after campus opens.