Art Classrooms
Monte Vista Art students create work in a variety of media including ceramics, computer graphics, fabrics, metals, acrylics, etc.    Even in the remote learning environment the Arts teachers need donations to help fund take home materials.  With your donation dollars we will purchase the student items, arrange for a pick up for student projects later in August.  

An example of items needed in the remote Art Classrooms include drawing materials, paints, paper, adobe photoshop suite, clay, ceramics tools, glazes.  The remote class plans are to continue with an equitable and varied arts education.  Students will receive materials packets, Teachers will give online demos and the creative process will thrive.  

Please support the Arts during this unique time of education.  Students needs Arts for social emotional health.  The Monte Vista Arts team is committed to supporting and teaching your students.  

For students in Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, Art 5 and AP Art the suggested minimum donation is $50 per year.  

For students in 3D Art 1, 3D Art 2, Computer Graphics and Digital Photography, the suggested minimum donation is $80 per year.  

Photo:  Graffiti art lesson